Private Events at the Teton VU

Drive-in movie theaters provide a unique way to safely hold public events during a pandemic.

What kind of events can be hosted at the Teton VU Drive-in?

The Drive-in is a good fit for many events, such as graduations, award ceremonies, or speaking events. We have partnered with Sky High Event Rentals to provide a stage and wireless microphone for speakers with the audio being sent through the FM radio transmitter to the cars of the patrons. After dark the screen will be available for playing movies or other prerecorded content. For example, a graduation might have speakers on stage until dark, and then a video presentation with pictures of the graduates as their names are being read.    

What are the rules related to COVID19?

The current rules require that vehicles park 6 feet apart and patrons remain in their vehicles. If you are utilizing a stage, participants on the stage must stay 6 feet apart. If you are requiring tickets, they must be sold in advance and be checked at the gate without passing anything between the car and the staff. These rules are more strict than food venues, but it is the current direction for drive-in theaters. The diner building will be closed, but portable restrooms are available and will be frequently sanitized. We will alter these rules as we receive guidance from state and local officials, so they could change (hopefully becoming more lenient) by the time your event takes place.  

What additional resources are available?

Through our partnership with Sky High Event Rentals, we can provide a stage for $45 per 4'x8' section up to two feet tall. We can provide a wireless microphone to link the audio with the projector booth for $65. Use of the projector booth equipment for prerecorded audio/video is included. If you are interested in adding a tent to go over a stage, contact Sky High Event Rentals directly at   

How much does it cost?

The cost to rent the facility for an evening Monday - Thursday is $300. 

Day-time rentals Monday - Saturday (events finished by 6pm) are $150. Keep in mind that the screen is not usable until dark (it is outdoors after all). 

Contact us for pricing on weekend evening pricing as well as pricing to include regular movies as part of your event. Prices include use of projector booth equipment for playing prerecorded audio/video or using your own equipment to connect to the FM transmitter or projector for live events.   

Can admission be charged for events?

Yes, we can use our online ticketing system or you can sell tickets through your own channels. Our ticketing system provider charges the patron $0.99/ticket, other than that, you will keep all ticket revenue. 

How can I book?

To reserve send an email to You can check out the calendar below to see what dates are available.